New Alphonse Mucha exhibition opens at the Palacio de Gaviria, Madrid

“I prefer to be someone who makes pictures for people, rather than who creates art for art’s sake.”
- Alphonse Mucha

Showing over 200 works, including posters, drawings, paintings, decorative works, jewelry, sculpture as well as books and photographs, the six sections of this stunning new exhibition highlight six facets of Mucha’s personality: Bohemian; picture maker for people; cosmopolitan; mystic; patriot and philosopher. Through these aspects, the exhibition looks at the development of Mucha both as an artist and as a man, living through one of the most turbulent times in European history - with lessons that continue to be relevant today.

This exhibition has been produced in collaboration with Arthemisia and is curated by Tomoko Sato, Curator for the Mucha Foundation since 2007.