A little boy in his pyjamas and a little girl in a red dress pull at a woman holding 3 cups of steaming hot chocolate. The words 'Chocolat idéal en poudre soluble' sit at the top of the poster.

Advertising Posters (18 works)

Poster for 'Job' cigarette paper (1896)

This is perhaps one of Mucha’s best-known advertising posters, with numerous editions subsequently published in a variety of formats for international markets. This poster established the iconic image of the ‘Mucha woman’ with her swirls of exaggeratedly abundant hair.

'JOB' is a trademark for the Joseph Bardou Company, manufacturers of cigarette papers.

In this poster, Mucha placed the prominent female figure against a background featuring Job monograms. Holding a lighted cigarette in her hand, the woman leans her head backward sensually, and the rising smoke forms an arabesque, intertwining with her hair and the company logo.

Mucha introduced a Byzantine effect, as seen in the Gismonda poster, with the border decoration inspired by mosaic work which adds an air of dignity to a commercial poster.

In 1898 Mucha produced another design for Job which is known as 'great Job'.