The Slav Epic goes on public display again in Moravský Krumlov

The Mucha Foundation is thrilled to announce that Mucha's late masterpiece, the Slav Epic, is now on public display again in a beautifully restored new space in Moravský Krumlov, Czech Republic.

The Slav Epic is a series of twenty monumental canvases, the largest measuring over 6 by 8 metres, depicting the history of the Slav people and civilisation. Mucha conceived it as a monument for all the Slavonic peoples and he devoted the latter half of his artistic career to the realisation of this masterpiece.

Moravský Krumlov kept the Slav Epic safe through the darkest days of the twentieth century, and without the help of the town and its people it is likely the Epic would not exist today. The Mucha Foundation fully supports the display of the Slav Epic in Moravský Krumlov until its long term home in Prague, which is being designed by Thomas Heatherwick, is ready in five years time.