Ruinart champagne house celebrates 120 year anniversary of Mucha collaboration

Ruinart is the oldest of France's Champagne houses, exclusively producing champagne since 1729. In 1895, Mucha was asked to illustrate a poster advertising the champage house, the first of its kind.

For the past 120 years, Ruinart has cultivated this long-standing relationship with the Arts. Each year, a contemporary artist is given carte blanche to produce work inspired by Ruinart. This year the Dutch photographer, Erwin Olaf, was invited to visit the champagne cellars in Reims. He was immediately taken by the depth and immensity of the markings left on the walls, and decided to turn his camera to the details of their prehistoric natural formation and the traces left by man. Inspired by the original Ruinart poster by Mucha, he produced a multimedia piece which traces the form of Mucha's outline in the rock. This symbiosis between photography and sculpture initiates a dialogue with the past and brings Mucha's eponymous design to life once again.

Erwin Olaf's work was presented at the Carousel du Louvre in Paris on 9 March. John and Sarah Mucha and the French representative of the Foundation, Katie Durand, were present on this occasion.